to Allstate, farewell

Where do I even start. The best four years of my life officially ended yesterday. It’s been barely 24 hours since Allstate ended and I already don’t even know what to do with myself.

Allstate is my happy place; it is my escape from the chaotic real world into a world of acceptance, unity, music, Christianity, and love. It is where I can find solace and discover real joy.  Allstate is where I can be my real self, or in this year’s case, where I can find my real self again. I went through a lot of rough things this year and after everything that happened it took Allstate to fully bring me back to myself. And now I couldn’t be happier.

Allstate is where I found the most amazing group of people I have ever met; 115 people living for Christ through not only their music but through their leadership and through their love. Allstate is where I learned how to truly be a leader in Christ and how to love others unconditionally. That is probably the most remarkable things about Allstate: Everyone loves everyone, regardless of their differences. Allstate is a place of acceptance, a place where everyone “fits in.” There is so much love at Allstate. We really are a family.

Let’s talk about the music. There is so much talent at Allstate it is unreal. If there was ever any doubt about whether or not God was with Allstate, that doubt was shredded when the orchestra began to play and the choir started to sing “You Are Worthy.” I get chills just remembering it. Those 115 people can sing!!!! It is amazing how the Lord can take such a large group of people who have never sung together before and use them to create such a beautiful sound to His ears. I could sing praises (see what I did there) about these people all day long but trust me on the fact that God has blessed them all.

I have made so many wonderful friends at Allstate. Allstate is full of beautiful souls with kind hearts. Allstate people are the first I call when life is low, and the first I celebrate with when life is good. They really are always there for me. There is so much love to go around!!!

On that note, this week at Allstate we talked about how to Love the Lord with all of your Heart, Mind, Soul, and Strength, and how to Love your Neighbor as Yourself. This message really took shape for me in one particular song we sang; “By Our Love.” The chorus goes like this:   “The time is now, come church arise. Love with His hands, see with His eyes. Bind it around you, let it never leave you. And they will know us by our love.” What a powerful song. These words really spoke to me this week, reminding me that the most powerful way we can impact *clap* others, at any age, is by our love.

God is here with Allstate. We were all called to Allstate individually to do our job for the Lord together, which is none other than to use our God-given talents to praise Him. And He blessed us with beautiful friends to share this journey called life with along the way.

I will always treasure my four years at Allstate. It pains me to know that I will never again have to ‘survive’ marathon day, or battle the heat at Carey during rehearsal camp (hahaha jk I think I can stand missing that part) or that I will never sing in the choir loft again as a choir member, and that next time I set foot in the choir loft of FBCJ it will be as an alum. But for all this sadness there is so much happiness and joy for the beautiful memories and friendships Allstate has given me!!!!

But this is not a goodbye. This is just a reminder that Allstate will forever have a special place in my heart, and I will carry it with me always. I love all of you so so much and Allstate will forever be my home 😊 and I thank God for bringing this into my life!!!! To Him be the glory forever and ever.

My Allstate fam, I treasure you dearly. May the Lord Bless You and Keep You always. Amen 💗


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