there’s no place like home


It’s where the heart is.  It’s a point of reference. It’s where you can click your ruby red heels and poof to whenever you want.  A place where you can put up your feet after a long stressful day.


It’s a place of refuge. A place of bedtime stories and no monsters under the bed. A place where you can lock the doors and set the alarm towards your problems for the night.


It’s where your family is. Where those you love live, and you with them. It’s where there is always a basketball game on. It’s where you can be yourself, where you can laugh, and talk while there’s food in your mouth, and put your elbows on the table, and eat dessert first. It’s where there are rules, but you’re okay with them, and where there is wrong and right, and sometimes a little mischievous grey in between.


It’s a shelter. It’s a place full of emotional support. It’s a place where you can cry when you need to and no one will judge. Where the dog is your solace and best friend, and your mother cries with you.


It’s a place of comfort. And of memories. Where people you have known and loved have passed through. A place of new beginnings and potential.

But now sadness and a timer.


It’s a place for remembering. The birthplace of ‘back in my day.’ A place that saw many a laugh, and many a tear. A place that saw friendships spark, and crumble. A place full of picture frames, and memories of how it used to be. It’s a place filled with hopes and dreams that came true, or are still to come.


It’s an introduction. A place I’ll refer to as the answer to “where I’m from.” It will be the place I used to live, where I do not live anymore.


It is my physical address for 20 more days. It’s a place I soon will visit, not reside in. It’s where I made 9 years of memories. A place I love. A place I will miss in some ways, will not in others. A beautiful place full of joy and the lovely people I find inside. A place that will continue on without me when I leave. A place I should be proud of, and proud I came from.

It’s a place that shaped me into who I am today–the little bird finally taking her first flight out of the nest.

She soars on wings like eagles towards the future, leaving the roots of her home tree under her, not behind her, and pointing upwards towards the sky full of endless possibilities. She will falter and fall until she discovers how to flap her wings just in time, and then one day she will find her ruby red slippers again and who knows? Maybe she’ll click her heels and will return home. Or maybe she never really left.


It will always be a piece of me, a special piece. Not just of my heart, but of my soul.

There’s no place like home ❤

Oh sweet Dorothy, how right you were.

there’s no place like home

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  1. Aunt Diane says:

    You are amazingly beautiful in every way.


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