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Top Ten Reasons Why I Love Samford

People have been posting all of these “insert name here” appreciation posts all over social media, so I thought it was about time for a Samford appreciation post.
I could talk about Samford all day (don’t worry, I’ll save that for my prospective students), but for the sake of time, here are the top ten reasons why I love Samford:

1)  Beautiful Campus

Samford is stunning.  You always see people outside & in eno village because it is such a pretty place to be!  Need I say more?

2)  Beautiful People

The people I’ve met here are the most genuine, happy, Christian people I’ve ever known.  And I knew that from the second I walked on campus for the first time two years ago.  Everyone is so happy to be here, and it shows in the way they live.  It is amazing how people can come onto our campus for the first time and already feel at home.

3)  Faith-rooted Friendships

The friendships I’ve already developed here are real and inspiring and rooted in faith and its just an awesome thing all the way around.  You will always have someone to laugh with, cry with, share in excitement with, vent to, and whatever else you could possibly need.  It’s wonderful because we’re on a Christian campus, so everyone you meet loves the Lord just like you do.  A fun time spent with friends could literally be going to church together; Bible studies and home groups count as hangout time.  How awesome is that?!

4)  Support Group

Because people genuinely care about you, they are also emotionally invested in your lives.  Your problems become their problems to pray over; encouraging words are offered when someone notices you’ve had a rough day.  A happy smile and a wave in passing from a new friend are sometimes all you need to realize how loved you are.  People take joy in your triumphs; they show genuine excitement when you’re excited; they find happiness in your happy things.  The support group is unlike anything you could ever imagine.

5)  Christian Campus

You’ll always have a ride to church because everyone goes. We’re in the “buckle” if you will of the Bible belt, so there are literally 3 churches on every corner.  You get your pick of 5 different college ministries to attend on campus every week.  You can also join all sorts of small group bible studies on and off campus to fulfill your desires.  You could even join a home group and have fellowship in an actual house on a weekly basis.  And the accountability is real because you go to these things with your friends.

You know what is the greatest blessing of being at a private institution?  The freedom to use the word “God.”  I can’t imagine many other places where professors spend 30 minutes of class-time discussing the opportunities for and importance of mission work and faith in God’s plan for your life.  There are so many special things happening at Samford that unite academics with spiritual learning, but just to name a few:

We literally have two hours in the week solely dedicated to convocation.  No classes can happen between the hours of 10 and 11 on Tuesdays and Thursdays because the campus has set aside these hours for worship and study and service.

I have a “Spiritual Life Assistant” living right across from me in my dorm, who is constantly sending us words of encouragement.

Over half of the clubs that appear at the organization fair are faith-based or founded on Christian ideals.

But the neatest thing is that our motto is “For God, For Learning, Forever.”  We place God at the center of everything right from the start!!

I could go on forever about this, but to sum it up this is what you need to know:  there is a faith-based community here at Samford that is larger and more awesome than you could ever fathom, and something you definitely want to be a part of.

6)  Birmingham = Awesome

Iron City is pretty great, and full of all sorts of opportunities and adventures waiting to happen.  I have been here 10 weeks and I know I haven’t even begun to experience all that Birmingham has to offer.  Between the numerous little villages, exciting food culture, vivacious music scene, historical landmarks, beautiful scenery and outdoors to explore, and every category of dessert you could ever want, what more could you ask for?

7)  Professors Actually Care

Not only do you feel your peers supporting you, but your professors want to be invested in your life as well, if you let them.  I’ve gone to all of my professors’ offices at some point for academic purposes and instead ended up having an extended conversation about life.  It’s so wonderful to have such accomplished, successful adults not only to guide you but to stand beside you through college.

8)  Learning is Fun Again

You’ll find that when you’re at an institution founded on learning voluntarily, you are a lot more willing to participate and to learn.  And when your professors care about you and actually want you to learn, its amazing how much knowledge you can gain.  Also, and this is just a general college thing, but when you get to pick your own class subjects and class schedule, it is so much more worthwhile because you get to learn about things that interest you (at a time that interests you as well, haha).

9)  Dress Code

If you want to wear a t-shirt and nikes, go for it.  Jeans or a dress?  Not a problem.  If you want to wear a suit and heels, have at it (although I might advise otherwise because the campus is literally built into a hill).

And the last one is sort of three together.  Samford is absolutely my favorite place on earth.  I think one of the most beautiful things about this campus is how we all come from different backgrounds & have different interests but yet we are all united by one common theme: a genuine love of Samford. Everyone you see is happy because this is a HAPPY place. And finally, it feels like HOME.  You know it’s for real when you stop referring to your dorm room as your dorm and start referring to it as “home.”

There’s something special happening here.  I felt it was time for me to formally address it 🙂

bow-wow bulldogs ❤


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