child-like faith // this I believe

I always thought I believed with “blind faith;” that I just accepted things I knew I couldn’t fully understand without a second glance because there was no way to find definite answers to all of the “tough questions” of life.  It wasn’t until I was defining faith to someone earlier today that I realized I don’t in fact live in blind faith.  I live with a child-like faith.

Hebrews 11:1 says, “[n]ow Faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the certainty of things not seen.”  To a person with trust issues, this can be a real problem.  It can sometimes be extremely difficult for a systematic person like myself to trust in something that can’t be seen (or in essence, can’t be proven logically).  But there are many small things I take at face value without needing any explanation, things that other people discovered and proved for me.  For instance, I believe that atoms exist.  I believe in the force of gravity and the laws of physics.  I accept that dinosaurs existed a long time ago.  I believe in the existence of the universe.  I trust that my car will work when I sit down to drive it.  I even trust that my friends know how to drive when I get in the car with them.  I trust that my parents know what is best for me.  I believe that my doctors know what they are doing and that the 13 pills I take a day will help me.  I believe in many small things that I couldn’t possibly ever understand or scientifically prove or even really know to the fullest extent.

My child-like faith stems mainly from trust.  I have small simple trusts, like the trust in my car’s and my doctor’s abilities, and then I have bigger simple trusts, like the trust I have in the existence of an almighty being.  I have a child-like faith in an almighty God, because His promises have proven true throughout all eternity.  As God is infinite and I, His creature, am finite, I am limited in my ability to understand Him fully, and in this I again have to have faith in He who has proven trustworthy.  I keep reiterating the fact that my faith is like that of a child because, like children, I accept things at face value without ever feeling the need to ask “why.”  A long time ago, I came to the conclusion that I don’t need to know the specifics of how the world was created, or how exactly Jesus rose from the grave, in order to believe in these things.  I have faith in an infinite God whose perfect love and grace go far beyond the realm of my understanding.  My trust that God fulfills his promises is all that I need to sustain me.

This faith has carried me through the hardest parts of my life.  I rest peacefully in my faith, knowing I can confidently trust in the things I cannot see but know are there.  It is my child-like faith that carries me through this blind adult world.  This I believe.




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