new beginnings: a simple pursuit

It is very difficult to leave home.

It is extremely hard to live in two places.

And it is so very hard to say goodbye.

These are but a few of many thoughts and revelations I have had over the past few months.  I only have 5 days until I depart yet again from the city I’ve called home for not only the past 14 weeks but the past 10 years.  And I am feeling all kinds of emotions.  It is time to record my thoughts.

It is extremely hard to leave something good.  Especially when you know how good you have it.

Sometimes I don’t know a door has been closed until it slams me in the face.

There is a difference in knowing you are supposed to do something and actually doing it.

It is incredibly painful to let go of things that make you happy, even when you know you are headed towards more happy things.

Sometimes God opens doors and it can be terrifying to walk through them.

The second time you do something you should be more comfortable with it, so when you’re not it can be scary.

The feeling of loss that comes with moving on is so profound I don’t know that there are words to describe it.

There are reasons that doors are shut for us, but the scary thing is we may not see those reasons until we are seven closed doors down the road.

We were not made to be comfortable.

You can find community in even the most unlikely places.

True friendship is an immeasurable treasure.

Those who have seen your worst are the greatest to be around when you’re at your best.

It is an incredibly difficult feat to be truly vulnerable.

Above all things, I should be seeking to grow closer to God.

Nothing I do on this earth should be for my own glory.

Worship is a beautiful connection, where we can feel the most vulnerable and safe all at once.

It is a real challenge to be called to two different places at once.

God reveals things to us as we need them, not as we want them.

Patience is one of the hardest skills to learn, and nearly impossible to master.

Sometimes good things must come to an end.

Sometimes people say things that hurt and offend.

You have to learn to love yourself and your God before you can truly love other people.

God places many Angels on earth in the forms of friends.

Good things come to the faithful.

It is easy to put on a show, but much more gratifying to do something for real.

When you leave a special place, it will continue to be special even while you’re gone.

People are brought into your life at the most precise, perfect time.

Just because you leave a place doesn’t mean you ever truly leave the people.

Love lives on.

There are so many things to be grateful for.

We have to do things with the right intentions.  And if we aren’t sure about the nature of those intentions, then they are probably not aligned with God’s.

It is very easy to get spiritually sidetracked.

We should be incredibly thankful for the spiritual leaders God has placed in our lives.

The opportunity to share the Gospel is not something to be taken lightly.

It’s okay to end one chapter.  In fact, it’s more than okay.

Sometimes God calls us to move mountains even though that seems impossible.

It is an incredible thing, joy.

If you find a person that brings you joy, keep that person around.

Life goes on.

Sometimes you don’t know how good you have it until it’s time to leave.

Life is very short.

It is very possible to be happy, sad, excited, and nervous at the same time.

You can know a place is home but still question why you are there.

If you find a person wise in spirit, gather all you can from them before time runs out.

God’s grace is amazingly large and we are infinitely undeserving of it.

Music can speak to you in ways words never could.

It is okay to be sad in the present.

Sometimes incredible good can come from unimaginable loss.

There will always be new beginnings.

This journey has just begun!!!

Right this moment God is working everything for our good.

Even when surrounded by people, it is still possible to feel incredibly alone.

But we are NOT alone.

Nothing and no one comes close to Him.

We should strive to live everyday in the light of grace.

It is okay to not be totally put together at all times. In fact, it’s normal.

The pursuit of God and God alone should be our aim.

What a beautiful thing it is to have a full heart.

It is possible to have a lot of unreciprocated love.

God sees farther than we ever could.

There is such great purpose behind every small thing.

Remember whose loving hands have carried you this far.

We have not been and will never be alone in this journey.

We are SO loved by the greatest example of love Himself!

While we can be sad in the present, we should rejoice in the future, for we can have faith that it is so good!!!

several songs that encompass all I could possibly hope to say even better than I can, per usual…

“You liberate me from my own noise and my own chaos

From the chains of a lesser law You set me free

You liberate me from my own noise and my own chaos

From the chains of a lesser law You set me free

In the Silence of the heart, you speak

In the Silence of the heart, you speak

And it is there that I will know You

And You will know me

In the silence of the heart

You speak, You speak.”

—You Speak, Audrey Assad


“God take us back, the place we began

The simple pursuit of nothing but you

The innocence of a heart in your hands

God take us back, oh God, take us back”

—Simple Pursuit, Passion


“For every fear that closes in He is closer

For every doubt that comes on strong He is stronger

For every battle that we face He has conquered all

More than we can know

We know the great God

We serve the great God

We owe the great God

Everything all to Him”

—All to Him, New Life Worship


“In my darkest hour

In humiliation

I will wait for You

I am not forsaken”

—Even Unto Death, Audrey Assad


“Jesus I need You

Every moment I need You

Hear now this grace bought heart sing out

Your praise forever”

—Jesus I Need You, Hillsong Worship




  1. Kimber Kennedy says:


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  2. You are so precious and your joy in the Lord is contagious! Reading this has encouraged me spiritually today! So thank you for sharing!!! Sad to see you go but excited for what God is teaching you and doing in You in this season of transition in your life! Let’s start the countdown until next summer! 😉

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