Perfect Timing

This summer, I have seen and understood the beauty of patience and God's perfect timing in so many new ways. He has been revealing Himself to me and teaching me to walk patiently beside Him through this summer, and I am so overwhelmed with revelations that it is time to write my thoughts out:  There... Continue Reading →

I say it again-Rejoice!

04.11.16  I was walking back to my room in the pouring rain this afternoon, my only thought being how badly I wanted to take a nap and sleep the day away, when I saw an interesting basket sitting outside of my door. To my surprise, it was full of sweet happies and letters from dear... Continue Reading →

When Jesus Took the Wheel

Over this past month I’ve felt like God has been trying to tell me something. I just couldn’t ever figure out what it was He wanted me to know.   Today I think I found my answer. But in order to explain, I have to start from the beginning. In early February I came down... Continue Reading →

13 Things I Learned on January 13

Hamilton may just be my new favorite musical. enough said, it's fabulous. To make a shredder work, it has to be plugged in.  again, need I say more? There is nothing the 💯 emoji won't suffice for.  Sometimes the student can also be the teacher. I actually had to show one of the Governor's staff... Continue Reading →

A New Era

January 7, 2016. In a few hours, almost 10,000 people will be lining up, anxious to get just a glimpse of the arena. We will scan our tickets and rush through security because we are so excited about this new place. There will be ooh's and ahh's and people aimlessly wandering all over. And there... Continue Reading →


March 24, 2006. 6 am. We packed our bags and flew on a small, 6-seater plane. We were going to Oxford, Mississippi, because Dad had accepted a job there as the Ole Miss Men's Basketball Coach the night before, after a loss in Cincinnati ended his term in Ohio as an Interim Head Coach. I looked... Continue Reading →

child-like faith // this I believe

I always thought I believed with “blind faith;” that I just accepted things I knew I couldn’t fully understand without a second glance because there was no way to find definite answers to all of the “tough questions” of life.  It wasn’t until I was defining faith to someone earlier today that I realized I... Continue Reading →

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